Bread Basket & Dips
Selection of fresh toasted Mediterranean bread, Served with Organic Garlic Butter, Hummus & Tzatziki.
Fresh Garlic Bread
Fresh Italian bread, Infused with evenly spreadcrushed Garlic Butter. Grilled to Perfection.
Succulent Italian Ciabatta, christened with a mixture of freshly diced tomatoes, red onions, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Asian Lamb or Veg Samosa
Deep fried patties consisting of lamb, fresh potatoes, green peas. laced with fresh ground Indian spices. Vegetarian option available.
Two-Ten Chorizo
Flame grilled Chorizo sausages served on a bed of caramelised grilled red onions creating the most delicious combination.
‘Lil’ Burgers
Freshly prepared in our kitchen, miniature burger buns filled with Beef mince, fresh cheese, tomatos & cheese.
Halloumi Cheese
Slices of grilled halloumi cheese served on a bed of lightly dressed salad and fresh grilled red peppers.
Lamb Kofte Meatballs
Chargrilled kofte meatballs, kneaded with homemade marinade and middle eastern flavours, served alongside caramelised red onions.
Prawn Sizzler
Fresh King Prawns, de-shelled, cooked in garlic butter, drizzled with white wine. Served sizzling in an iron pan.
De-pipped mediterranean fresh green olives.
Large crispy and tasty Calamari rings coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. Served with sweet chilli sauce.
Organic Edamame
Fresh immature soybeans, sea salt and lime.
Nachos & Jalapenos
Tasty Oven baked nachos with optional melted cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa.


Spaghetti Carbonara
Fresh Fusilli Pasta cooked with homemade pasta sauce mixed vegetables, chicken & grilled cheese melted on. Vegetarian option available.
Penne Pi Cante
Fresh Penne Pasta cooked with homemade pasta sauce, broccoli, chicken, garlic and cherry tomatoes. Spiced to discretion.


Atlantic Salmon
Fresh Grilled Salmon filleted and marinated In-house.
Blue Shark
Imported from Vietnam, Filleted & Marinated In-House
Fresh Cod & Chips
Fresh Cod evenly battered & deep-fried. Served with homemade potato chips & tartar sauce. Grilled Cod Available.

The Grill

Lamb Chops
To double up + £8
Chicken Wings
To double up + £5
Chicken Shish
To double up + £8
Veggie Burger
To double up + £6
Beef Burger
To double up + £6
Chicken Burger
To double up + £5
Lamb Shish
To double up + £9
Peri-Peri Half Chicken
To double up + £6
Mixed Grill
A Kings Feast - Includes Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Lamb Kofte, Lamb Chops & Chicken Wings, Served with Mixed Salad & Toasted Mediterranean Bread & Dips.


Lamb Stir Fry
Marinated chunks of Lamb Stir-Fried in a traditional Wok with fresh assorted vegetables, blended with authentic middle eastern flavours served with garlic potatoes and garlic bread.
Chicken Shawarma
Fresh shaved meat Served with a side of homemade chips, salad and Hummus. All made fresh In-House by our chefs. A true Arabic delicacy.
Chicken Tarragon
Chicken shreds cooked in white creamy sauce alongside sautéed fresh mushrooms, caramelised onions & bread . Served with rice
The Fluke
We call it a Fluke because we accidentally made it one day and it was Beautiful! A vegetarian dish consisting of fresh assorted vegetables cooked in fresh tomato sauce and chilli, Stir-Fried and served with pilau rice & bread.


Rib Eye Steak - 400g
Cut from the rib section, the rib-eye steak is one of the most succulent steaks and guaranteed to satisfy even the most dedicated carnivore.
Fillet Steak - 300g
The fillet is the royal of all the steak cuts. It is the most tender with little marbling and virtually fat free.
Sirloin Steak - 350g
Cut from the tenderloin, the sirloin steak has a generous outer strip of fat which enriches the steak during the grilling process.
Côte De Boeuf - 650g
Our most premium cut, the Côte De Beouf is a Rib - Eye on the bone which emanates the most succulent mouth watering flavour. Delicately marbelled throughout the grilling process. A Lions Feast.
Two-Ten Special

Additional Toppings

Garlic Butter

Parmesan Cheese

Smoked Bacon

De-Shelled King Prawn

Free Range Egg


Homemade Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Chips
Garlic Crushed Potatoes
Mashed Potato
Plain Steamed Rice
Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Mixed Side Salad
French Beans
Tender Stem Broccoli
Creamed Wild Spinach
Homemade Coleslaw
Homemade Onion Rings
Peri-Peri Chips
Spicy Rice


Tomato & Avocado Salad
An abundance of freshly cut avocado, tomato & mozzarella drizzled with homemade basil, fresh lime & olive oil. Chicken or Tuna Topping Available. Extra £2
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce accompanied with garlic croutons & dressed with parmesan cheese, olive oil & lemon juice. Chicken option is available.